Why Do You Need to Stretch Before a Workout?


Sretching is an essential and an integral part of every workout program, especially mobility stretches because flexibility is considered to be part of the five most important components of everyone’s fitness It should be included in all regular training regimes and these are the main reason why:

Reduction of Injury Risk


  • When a person is flexible they reduce their risk of becoming injured from extensive movements and this allows you to safely increase your range of joint movement and motion.
  • Stretching helps to stop the degeneration of your joints and muscles.Buy Sarms Online

    The act of stretching your muscles loosens up and prepares the body for the impact of exercise; this reduces the chance of any injury. A strong muscle that is pre-stretched is better able to resist stress than an un-stretched muscle.

  • Stretching helps to improve a person’s posture, especially stretching the shoulders, chest and lower back. The flexibility gained from stretching in the hip flexors, hamstrings and muscles attached to the pelvis help to relieve stress on the spine and nerves of the back reducing the chances of lower back pain.
  • The body’s stress levels can decrease with stretching because as they warm up they hold less tension, this allows your muscles to relax properly. Muscles that are always tense tend to cut off much of their own blood circulation causing oxygen starvation and damage.
  • Stretching helps to increase the blood supply to all areas of the body especially the muscles and joints. This provides the necessary nutrient to reach the places it’s needed quickly and efficiently