Bodybuilding Categories – What Are They?

In spite of the fact that the science of bodybuilding is over a hundred years old, it continues to be extremely popular in modern times.

Bodybuilding enthusiasts may already be familiar with what this article covers. Dianabol for sale But, those new to bodybuilding may not be aware that there are actually 4 categories of bodybuilding. These categories are based on the age and gender of the individual and the goal they desire to achieve.

The four categories are:

1. Professional Bodybuilding Professional bodybuilding is the category that appeals to individuals who desire to qualify, compete and win titles in competitions. The beginning level of competitions is the amateur level. At the amateur level they can begin earning points and, hopefully, qualify for entry in major and professional competitions.Trenbolone for sale

The IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) is the top-rated organization for professional bodybuilders worldwide. Amateurs who win official competitions have the opportunity to receive their IFBB pro card. Once a bodybuilder becomes a pro he or she will be ineligible to enter any future amateur contests. But, they are usually welcomed for guest posing.

2. Natural Bodybuilding Some drugs and other substances, such as steroids, are illegal and their use has been banned from competitions for professional bodybuilders. However, making them illegal and banning them has not eliminated their use. Clenbuterol for sale Bodybuilders who continue to use them are highly criticized for their actions.. Because of this controversy, bodybuilding competitions are classified according to natural and open competitions. All entrants in a natural competition will be administered a drug test. This testing is done to ensure that the competitors will square off fairly.

Natural bodybuilding means that you develop a well-formed body physique without the aid of illegal drugs, including steroids. The NPA (Natural Physique Association) and other organizations have been formed for natural bodybuilders. Muscle-building supplements and other natural bodybuilding products that have not been banned by the various organizations are allowed.

A former drug user can compete in natural contests if the minimum period of being clean has been reached.

3. Female Bodybuilding

Until the 1970s, women were more focused on general fitness, not bodybuilding for the sake of competition. When Arnold Schwarzenegger came into the spotlight women became more interested in hardcore fitness or female bodybuilding.

For very obvious reasons, females compete in separate contests from males. Both natural and professional contests are available to females. One of the major ones is the Ms. Olympia which began in 1980.

4. Teenage Bodybuilding

There are also bodybuilding shows and contests for teenagers which are determined by their age bracket. Most of the teenage competitors are older teems. By far the majority of these shows provide drug testing in order to protect the teenagers. Because of their age and stage of human development, teenagers are undergoing natural hormone surges and are encouraged to allow these to help them gain muscle the natural way.